Winter Gritting Duty of Care 


During the winter months, when frost, snow and ice appear around sites, often at very short notice, this presents an added challenge. Slips, trips and falls count for around half of the recorded workplace injuries.

If organisations ignore the legislation set out by the government to keep staff, visitors and passers by safe while on their premises, if an accident occurs, they place themselves at risk of legal action.

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in litigation with ‘slipping on ice’ accidents having the potential for the highest value claims and compensation.

GRITIT’s quality Winter Maintenance service and risk management expertise helps clients to prevent incidents occurring in the first place, ensuring that businesses meet their Duty of Care whilst remaining operational.


Winter Maintenance


An adverse weather policy, that clearly communicates how an organisation will manage/take action in, extreme weather situations to protect the health and safety of staff is a key step towards meeting the Duty of Care in winter.

Cold weather and shorter daylight hours create added risk and more potential for accidents to happen. It is important to prepare for what will happen and establish a framework of risk prevention.


Working in partnership with the British Institute of Facility Management (BIFM), we have published a comprehensive Good Practice Guide to Winter Maintenance. Download a free copy here...




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