Bed & Border Litter Debris Services 

“...  The service we have received has been excellent. They have been responsive, flexible, professional and put customer service at the heart of what they do…

Bed and border litter will be removed from beds and borders during every visit by GRITIT. This is a standard part of the GRITIT bed and border service.

GRITIT believes in the importance of creating a well maintained environment for businesses. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of garden maintenance services that ensure the grounds outside your facilities are expertly sustained. With a vast experience of maintaining grounds of all shapes and sizes, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide customers with a high quality service.

Our staff are well trained and wear company uniform. They will act as an independent pair of eyes whilst on site, and will report any issues to you so they can be dealt with straight away. In addition to our grounds maintenance services, we have a dedicated landscaping team and can offer site designs for anything, from new builds to complete overhauls of existing grounds.


GRITIT Grounds Services

GRITIT grounds services cover your facility throughout the year. The same team takes care of your site in the winter and summer, and will also

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