Bedding Planting Services 

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New flower beds and bedding planting can be arranged upon request and will be charged depending on requirement. Planting beds and bedding flowers give an increased landscape value, appeal and interest, and enhances emotional well being and other environmental benefits. Planting bedding plants and flowers is a cheap way to add instant visual interest to any stark commercial landscape.


Throughout the blooming season, GRITIT's planted beds also provide premises with flowers suitable for cutting and bringing indoors to cheer up reception. Planting flower beds in shared spaces in a community makes the environment more attractive and fosters a sense of pride and care in the community's residents. Carefully planted beds with trees or flowers have a positive impact on people and increase a person's overall feeling of well being, leading to an increased friendliness and happiness while viewing corporate scenery that includes colour and green. Planted beds impact human emotion and enhance positive feelings, an example of enhancing the workplace with a simple measure.

GRITIT Grounds Services

GRITIT grounds services cover your facility throughout the year. The same team takes care of your site in the winter and summer, and will also

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