Bulb Planting Services 

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Bulb planting can be arranged upon request and will be charged depending on requirement. Flowering bulbs are a spring tradition - and nothing says winter is over like cheerful snowdrops and daffodils pushing their way through the snow and earth. Every autumn, we supply and plant spring bulbs to create beautiful floral displays in public gardens and commercial centres throughout the UK. You'll appreciate our enduring designs and simple maintenance. Bulb planting takes place in Autumn, so book early!

An autumn bulb scheme from GRITIT is an easy way to add some cheer to the outside spaces on your commercial property during springtime, and offer lasting benefits. We choose healthy bulbs that are firm, without spots or mechanical damage, and use common sense to camouflage the yellowing leaves of bulb plants by planting them behind annuals or near to small shrubs. This way, the leaves can mature and ripen, storing energy for next year without spoiling the look of your grounds. Naturalizing bulbs in grass gives lawns a festive look in the springtime. With time, the grass will grow and the effect will be even lovelier! Many bulbs can be naturalized in your lawn, including snowdrops, daffodils, crocus and narcissus. We recommend going for the mass effect rather than just a row of flowers - creating a profusion, an abundance of flowers, too many to even be counted!

  • Free consultation and pricing
  • Fall planting of spring-flowering bulbs
  • No care or watering required
  • Beautiful spring flower displays


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GRITIT grounds services cover your facility throughout the year. The same team takes care of your site in the winter and summer, and will also

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