Why Use Commercial De-Icing Services?

De-icing with a commercial de-icing service is the safest way of preventing injuries associated with parking lot accidents, falls and slippage to and from your place of business. This lets your clients and your employees know that you care, and can save you money associated with work related accidents, lost time and even law suits.

“... From your quote which was very detailed, updates on the job to job completion, all was excellent!”

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How Does De-Icing Work?

We spread salt before it freezes over. Salt lowers the freezing temperature of the water, thus preventing ice forming in the first place. Salt also keeps water from refreezing on roadways, walkways and parking lots.

When Is The Best Time To De-Ice?

salt should be applied before an impending freeze as this actually prevents surfaces from icing over. It should also be applied after a storm has passed in order to help prevent rain or snow from forming a thick layer of ice.

Why De-Ice?

De-Icing maintains the safety of people who have to traverse car parks and footpaths. Ice-covered flat surfaces are more dangerous than icy hills, slopes and steps, because pedestrians often underestimate the risk of walking on these surfaces.

  • You are liable for any injury that occurs during a slip and fall accident on your property
  • Drivers may not be able to access a car park if the entrance is covered with ice
  • Keeping the car park striping visible enables drivers to navigate and park more safely
  • An ice-free surface reduces the potential of cars colliding into each other in the parking lot because their tires will have better contact with the road surface.
  • Visitors avoid places where they may get into an accident in the parking lot or slip on ice. 

de-icing saltWhy GRITIT De-Icing

A de-icing contract with GRITIT is a cost-effective way for you to ensure that your property is safe for pedestrian and car traffic. It enables GRITIT to plan and hire the necessary personnel to guarantee a prompt response. GRITIT can also remove snow even during the most extreme weather conditions. Have peace of mind knowing that GRITIT has the commercial-grade equipment and training required to get the job done quickly and safely.


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