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Commercial Hedge Maintenance 


Hedges have an important aesthetic and structural role in urban landscape settings.

They create form and structure, define boundaries, create spaces and protect privacy as well as provide interest, strong visual impact and colour. In addition, they provide increasingly important habitat in an urban setting for wild life, particularly birds and insects.

Many hedge plants are long-lived if they are planted and maintained correctly. Maintenance needs can be intensive and sometimes expensive particularly if the wrong species has been planted in an inappropriate location.


Hedge Trimming 

Hedges and Shrubs are maintained by GRITIT to a high standard ensuring sites look tidy in appearance and do not obstruct any pedestrian or vehicular routes. GRITIT provides a comprehensive hedge trimming service that shapes the hedges on your grounds, develops hedge density, and complements the trees, shrubs and flowering plants.


Hedge Pruning 

provides a professional hedge pruning services tailored to your requirements, whether you need regular hedge trimming or an annual prune. Pruning and cutting back will take place during winter months depending on variety and species. We can also extend our hedge services to include small trees and shrubs to keep your garden tidy. 

Poorly timed pruning and maintenance operations result in cube like structures that have no resemblance to their natural form, loose their seasonal diversity and have a lower ecological value


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We provide Commercial Landscape Maintenance & Management delivered from our strategic hubs across the UK. We can work to your exacting specification or create a solution tailor-made to your requirements.



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Improve Wellbeing 


The idea that access to good quality green and open space improves wellbeing and productivity at work is not a new concept.

During the 19th century industrial era, wealthy factory and mill owners would create parks to ensure their work force had access to clean fresh air and places to relax when not working

Today as these principles are developed and ideas moved forward  the results show that access to good quality green and open spaces improves health and wellbeing, reduces stress, and improves creativity and cognitive function.


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Improve Wellbeing