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Commercial Lawn Maintenance 

Lawns and amenity grass plantings are multi-functional areas of vegetation that have high recreational and or aesthetic value which makes maintenance of these features important.

The maintenance and quality of lawns and grassed areas is often scrutinised by even the least interested of passer-by and it is these features that can determine if your organisation is perceived positively or negatively.

Commercial Turf Management 

A well maintained lawn that is green, free from moss and weeds and neatly mown provides good first impressions.

Whereas one that has an uneven cut, has not been strimmed and is full of excess grass clippings, weeds, litter and debris does the opposite and may even lead to perceptions of a wider lack of care throughout the organisation.


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We provide Commercial Landscape Maintenance & Management delivered from our strategic hubs across the UK. We can work to your exacting specification or create a solution tailor-made to your requirements.

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"The garden area is impeccable, with lawns being edged and cut to a high standard and borders are kept weed free... 


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Improve Welbeing 


The idea that access to good quality green and open space improves wellbeing and productivity at work is not a new concept.

During the 19th century industrial era, wealthy factory and mill owners would create parks to ensure their work force had access to clean fresh air and places to relax when not working

Today as these principles are developed and ideas moved forward  the results show that access to good quality green and open spaces improves health and wellbeing, reduces stress, and improves creativity and cognitive function.


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Improve Wellbeing