De-Icing Salt

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There are many salt options when a road or path is de-iced. Halite, or rock salt, is most commonly used by councils and consumers alike in the UK, but GRITIT uses white marine salt to melt ice. What is the benefit to you of us using white salt?

Brown De-Icing Salt

Brown de-icing salt ("grit"), used by councils up and down the land, is simply another form of sodium chloride but with added impurities. Gritting salt is a finite resource, being mined in Cleveland, County Antrim and below the Cheshire town of Winsford. Gritting salt is approximately 94% sodium chloride, but crucially has a characteristic reddish-brown colour, owing to the presence of marl (an insoluble mineral).

Brown gritting salt is marginally cheaper than white salt, but in terms of keeping your premises pristine, there are certain disadvantages which means it is more sensible to use white de-icing salt if you want a tidy mess-free appearance avoiding any follow-on maintenance and cleaning up:

  • Brown gritting salt leaves a messy brown residue;
  • Brown gritting salt is not as effective at dissolving snow and ice compared to white salt; and
  • Brown gritting salt has a strong tendency to cause corrosion, rusting the steel used in vehicles and concrete

White De-Icing Salt

White marine de-icing salt is the most concentrated and effective salt as it is 99.9% sodium chloride. It keeps our carpets and clothes cleaner than brown salts, and as it is completely soluble, there are no impurities or grit to clear way afterwards or to block our drains. It is also more sustainable than the brown salt that is mined. White marine de-icing salt is the GRITIT salt of choice because:

  • White marine de-icing salt does not leave a colour or residue to clean up;
  • White marine de-icing salt dissolves and gets to work faster;
  • White marine de-icing salt has a regular grain size so it makes for nice even spreading
  • White marine de-icing salt is the solution of choice for areas where cleanliness is important such as retail outlets, schools and hospitals



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