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Epicormic growth on the base of mature trees will be removed once per year during the winter months as part of GRITIT's standard tree works. Epicormic growth are shoots arising at the bottom of the tree - this epicormic growth and new suckers will be removed or thinned annually using a handsaw, secateurs or chainsaw, when the sap is dormant during the winter months as not to harm the tree.

Epicormic growth also occurs around wounds caused by improper pruning or other tree injuries. The epicormic shoots add unnecessary weight to the tree branches making them more susceptible to storm damage, and they are also a softer wood than the regular branches thus more prone to breakage or rot. The only way to eliminate the epicormic suckers is to remove them with annual pruning and maintenance. GRITIT ensures that you comply with the Highways Act 1980 Section 154 in removal of all such epicormic shoots. Epicormic growth shall be removed to ensure a clearance of 2.4m over paths, 5m over roads, 1m from all street lighting, traffic signs, traffic lights, street name plates and 2m from windows or adjacent premises. The trees will be pruned as set out in the guidelines of BS3998: 2010. 

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