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“... Despite major challenges our site experienced over several days of extreme winter weather, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to GRITIT for working so hard to maintain our operations and business functions during this difficult period

Site Operations Manager

As a Public Buying Organisation (PBO), frameworks provide you with goods and services according to your price, quality and quantity requirements. As GRITIT expands, our services are increasingly called off by public sector bodies who choose GRITIT services after competitive tender bids.

GRITIT's services are already appropriate for many frameworks, and the list continues to expand:

  • Gritting, de-icing and snow clearance for water utility sites
  • Gritting, de-icing and snow clearance for sites in the education sector
  • Gritting, de-icing and snow clearance for defence and security sites
  • Gritting, de-icing and snow clearance for network infrastructure sites
  • Gritting, de-icing and snow clearance for data centres
  • Gritting, de-icing and snow clearance for server farms
  • Sites, depots and locations that require our winter of grounds services

Why use GRITIT?

“ ...GRITIT's mission is to ensure that your critical operations are never interrupted, that you continue to maximize the value of and revenue from your infrastructure, and that the state of your infrastructure never causes you any reputational damage or legal claims

Jason Petsch, CEO 

GRITIT's national coverage with regionalised delivery

Managing the multiple properties that are usually part of frameworks is a 24/7 job, so having the largest national gritting, snow clearance and de-icing contractor for all sites at your disposal makes your job easier.

GRITIT - national coverage 24/7, 365/365, from Land's End to John'O Groats
  • Local teams with specialized regional knowledge;
  • Nationally managed for you - one person to contact;
  • We deal with all your sites on your behalf;
  • Granular reporting for all your sites;
  • Superb multi-device communications to keep you in the loop
  • Adding additional sites is easy as there is no need to issue new contracts, just site-specific SLAs 

The choice is of course yours: do your winter services yourself in-house, use a local resource or award the work to a gritting, de-icing and snow clearance specialist such as GRITIT. 


GRITIT reporting

Hit your targets and present the evidence with GRITIT reporting

Having your reporting information stored electronically, i.e. cloud-based, will help to automatically answer frequent questions, to set up what has to be done first and to organize time. And as we all know: saving time is saving money. GRITIT records all the data you need in a site specific granular manner to answer the most challenging of those questions easily and quickly, with a full audit trail: hit your targets and present the evidence thanks to GRITIT.


GRITIT personalised account management

Personalised account management 

Communication is the key to keeping you informed. We're proud of our tech, which includes the mobile app that managers love. And, our managers and directors are communicators who will present you with what you need to know. We're here to support the national management teams with our top notch regional delivery model. And of course, invoices can be generated for all sites with a cost breakdown for each site or we can issue individual invoices for each site.


GRITIT works with your ops

GRITIT - experience and training to work in tandem with your operations

The label 'frameworks' covers all manner of sectors, but they're all subject to stringent safety procedures and highly specific site requirements. GRITIT has the experience, expertise and training to work with your operations, using specialized resources such as low corrosive salts for special storage -- and with the largest dedicated gritting fleet in Britain, the appropriate size of apparatus to be able to handle site access. Our versatility means we will always work with and for your operations team, scheduling our jobs around your planned train movements for example.

GRITIT always keeps you operational

As the quote from the CEO states above, our mission is to ensure that your operations are never interrupted. For the various sectors that participate in frameworks, staying open is a prime directive and interruption is unforgivable. Interruption due to inclement weather conditions for snow or ice means lost service, and ultimately lost business.... and to the tune of thousands of pounds every second.

Ask yourself, during 2017/2018's 'Beast from the East', did any of your site lose time due to substandard infrastructure services such as snow clearance, gritting or de-icing? If so, talk to GRITIT!

GRITIT - we'll keep you open. That's standard.
  • GRITIT's success rate for delivering its 500,000+ winter jobs is unparalleled in the industry
  • Our industry tech lead gives you a wealth of reporting and notice before and after of jobs completed;
  • Our regionally divided national operation is made up of locally informed crew and operatives who know your area's unique weather, geography and topography challenges;
  • Our massive fleet with leading edge equipment, the largest in the land, has appropriate apparatus to reach every inch of your site
  • Track record with leading national utility companies - just ask!
  • One dedicated project manager contact, easy to deal with just the one - no question of shifting responsibility

The choice is of course yours: do your winter services yourself in-house, use a cheap and cheerful local farmer or award the work to a gritting, de-icing and snow clearance specialist such as GRITIT. 


GRITIT framework promotion and management

GRITIT - our resources are available at your beck and call, ready to work with you!

GRITIT isn't just there to make sales through your framework - our philosophy is that it's a two way relationship and we love doing joint projects together.

Press releases, content, social media, collateral, white papers, case studies: both the frameworks specialists and our marketing department are there, awaiting the call to make things happen. Just give us a call, or we'll reach out to you.

GRITIT site services - not just winter!

GRITIT - all the grounds and winter infrastructure services you need from the team that already delivers for you

GRITIT has its roots as a snow clearance company, but our services now cover so much more. The same team that already takes care of your sites in the winter will also


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