GRITIT Asset Services

GRITIT's asset services cover your facilities and grounds asset maintenance requirements through all the seasons. In terms of winter maintenance and winter services, our winter teams cover a wide variety of assets, from car park gritting to footpath snow clearance, and from forecourt snow clearance to road tarmac pothole repairs.

In terms of summer services, the same trusted local teams can also cover your grounds maintenance requirements - everything from hedge cutting to lawn services, tree pruning services and more. Of course, some ground and facility types have different requirements, and our enormous experience with winter and summer services for the many sectors that we operate in means that we'll always understand your bespoke needs.

Why use GRITIT?

“ ...GRITIT's mission is to ensure that your critical operations are never interrupted, that you continue to maximize the value of and revenue from your infrastructure, and that the state of your infrastructure never causes you any reputational damage or legal claims

Jason Petsch, CEO 


GRITIT Asset Services

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