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“... From your quote which was very detailed, updates on the job to job completion, all was excellent!”

Property Manager

Leading enterprises in all sectors already choose GRITIT as its service provider for gritting, snow clearance, grounds maintenance and more, so why should your enterprise choose GRITIT? 

 takes care of the jobs that need doing on multiple assets on behalf of site managers, everything from car park gritting and pedestrian snow clearance in the winter, to hedge cutting and lawn maintenance in the summer. Throughout the year, GRITIT can also help with the occasional ad-hoc jobs such as line painting on your site's tarmac and pothole repairs. For enterprise site managers, GRITIT offers peace of mind that jobs gets done for them to a high standard by teams that they know.


Why use GRITIT?

“ ...GRITIT's mission is to ensure that your critical operations are never interrupted, that you continue to maximize the value of and revenue from your infrastructure, and that the state of your infrastructure never causes you any reputational damage or legal claims

Jason Petsch, CEO 


GRITIT quality

GRITIT - the professional winter and grounds services company

Being the largest provider of gritting, de-icing and snow clearance services in the country, we're experienced at maintaining the the high standards of work you require for your enterprise. GRITIT does all the things that you'd expect from a professional winter and grounds services enterprise: the very highest health and safety standards, investment into leading equipment, investment into training its people and constant investment into making sure that we have sufficient resource to scale up as and when needed.

GRITIT's 24/7, 365/365 national coverage

Managing multiple properties is a 24/7 job. so having a 24/7 nationwide contractor for your entire portfolio at your disposal makes your job easier.

GRITIT - national coverage 24/7, 365/365
  • Local teams with specialized local knowledge;
  • Nationally managed for you - one throat to choke;
  • One person to go through;
  • Deal with your entire portfolio on your behalf;
  • Reporting for your entire portfolio;
  • Superb communications to keep you in the loop

The choice is to use multiple contractors or to hive off specific areas of work to a specialist provider such as GRITIT, and have us do the hard work on your behalf.

GRITIT's national fleet of gritters, 4x4s and snow clearance teams

GRITIT - the widest range of specialist tools for the job... and locally available

Obviously areas intended for pedestrians require different treatment to areas intended for deliveries. Also, you can't do super accurate gritting in the car park with a massive gritting lorry, nor are our nimble 4x4s necessarily the most suitable tool for access road gritting. Beyond that, brown salt isn't appropriate for metal stairs, and you don't want de-icing chemicals getting into your landscaping either! That's why GRITIT invests heavily into the right tools for the job, the knowledge to do the job properly and the locals who know the local topography.

GRITIT always keeps you operational

as the quote from the CEO states above, our mission is to ensure that your operations are never interrupted. For SMEs, staying open is the prime directive; interruption is unforgivable. Interruption due to inclement weather conditions for snow or ice means lost service, and ultimately lost business.

Ask yourself, during 2017/2018's 'Beast from the East', did your site lose any time due to substandard infrastructure services such as snow clearance, gritting or de-icing? If so, talk to GRITIT:

GRITIT - we'll keep you open. That's standard.
  • GRITIT's success rate for delivering its 500,000+ winter jobs is unparalleled in the industry
  • Our industry tech lead gives you a wealth of reporting and notice before and after of jobs completed;
  • Our regionally divided national operation is made up of locally informed crew and operatives who know your area's unique weather, geography and topography challenges;
  • Our massive fleet with leading edge equipment, the largest in the land, has appropriate apparatus to reach every inch of your site
  • Track record with leading national utility companies - just ask!
  • One dedicated project manager contact, easy to deal with just the one - no question of shifting responsibility

The choice is of course yours: do your winter services yourself in-house, use a cheap and cheerful local farmer or award the work to a gritting, de-icing and snow clearance specialist such as GRITIT. 


GRITIT - safety first of course

GRITIT - covering you and your health and safety requirements

GRITIT's absolute reliability keeps all your external areas safe 365/365, 24/7. 3 AM snow clearance before the early shift starts? No problem!

Of course, safety has another aspect, which is being sued for improper access leading to slippages and falls. GRITIT's got your back on that one too - we indemnify our clients against claims, taking the pressure off you.


GRITIT site services - not just winter!

GRITIT - all the grounds and winter infrastructure services you need from the team that already delivers for you

GRITIT has its roots as a snow ploughing company, but our services now cover so much more. The same team that already takes care of your site in the winter will also


GRITIT has that compliance data you need

Avoid compliance penalties with GRITIT data

Having your information stored electronically, i.e. cloud-based, will help to automatically answer frequent questions, to set up what has to be done first and to organize time. And as we all know: saving time is saving money. GRITIT records all the data you need to answer the most challenging of those questions easily and quickly, with a full audit trail including historic data. Evidence for KPIs and more. Want to avoid KPI penalties? Turn to GRITIT


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