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“... From your quote which was very detailed, updates on the job to job completion, all was excellent!”

FM Services Manager

Leading nationwide facility management providers in the country choose GRITIT as its service provider for gritting, snow clearance, grounds maintenance and more. 

 takes care of the jobs that need doing on 1000s of assets on behalf of facility managers, everything from car park gritting and pedestrian snow clearance in the winter to hedge cutting and lawn maintenance in the summer. Throughout the year, GRITIT can also help with jobs such as line painting on your estate's tarmac and pothole repairs. For facility managers, GRITIT offers peace of mind that jobs gets done for them to a high standard by teams that they know.


Why use GRITIT?

“ ...GRITIT's mission is to ensure that your critical operations are never interrupted, that you continue to maximize the value of and revenue from your infrastructure, and that the state of your infrastructure never causes you any reputational damage or legal claims

Jason Petsch, CEO 

GRITIT keeps your costs controlled

In many companies it is common that facility managers are being pressured to do a lot more with less resources. For success, they have to accurately deal with budget constraints and strictly control expenses. How?

GRITIT - keeping your costs simple
  • Considering all types of costs when preparing budget estimates: fixed, variable, direct and indirect;
  • Tracking inventory;
  • Selecting the best teams to carry out the projects;
  • Negotiating prices with suppliers;
  • Keeping a regular track of maintenance costs and financial information;
  • Considering some technological investments as value for money.

The choice is to do this yourself in-house, or to hive off specific areas of work to a specialist outsourced provider such as GRITIT, and let us do the legwork for you. GRITIT eliminates budget uncertainty and shortfalls by using our fixed cost services.


GRITIT integrates into your team and handles the man management

GRITIT - we're your team on the ground

In order to make operations run smoothly, it is crucial to implement workplace practices that foster a constant flow of communication, organization, knowledge sharing, productivity and innovation.

And, by using GRITIT for your gritting and grounds maintenance requirements, you know that you'll be using the same reliable teams for both. We're your team.


GRITIT reports and solves failures

GRITIT's technology stack makes managing  your work easier

Assets maintenance is a complex process that asks for a rigorous information flow and a quick call to action. On top of that there are KPIs that simply must be achieved.

Even so, many facility managers don’t have access to a unique platform with centralized information, where they can check the status of the operations, including failures reports.

The GRITIT technology stack even includes such things as our GRITIT IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, which enable automation of even more activities including failure reporting.

GRITIT frees up time for your to focus on your other FM challenges

GRITIT gives you back your time

Facility managers have a lot to do every day: coordinate teams, attend meetings, answer urgent emails, consult vendors or suppliers, among other regular tasks. There are also workers with questions all the time and unpredictable issues to solve.

Leave it to GRITIT to sort things out, and manage remote sites with our superb app, ideal for busy FM providers. Moreover, your contact at GRITIT acts as your eyes and ears on the ground, keeping up to date with the detail and keeping you, the FM manager, in the loop when you need it.

GRITIT has that compliance data you need

Avoid compliance penalties with GRITIT data

Having your FM information stored electronically, i.e. cloud-based, will help to automatically answer frequent questions, to set up what has to be done first and to organize time. And as we all know: saving time is saving money.

GRITIT records all the data you need to answer the most challenging of those questions easily and quickly, with a full audit trail including historic data. Evidence for KPIs and more. Want to avoid those KPI penalties? Turn to GRITIT

GRITIT site services - winter and summer, 24/7, 365/365

GRITIT - the one stop shop for the services you need

GRITIT has its roots as a snow plouging company for your infrastructure, but now our services cover much more. The same team that already takes care of your site in the winter will also:

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