Winter Gritting Services for Housing Associations

“...the communal areas have never looked as good as they have since GRITIT GM took over. Not only that, but the team are considered part of our community, on first name terms and always willing to help if they can ...”

Project Coordinator and Tenant, National Housing Association

GRITIT keeps numerous housing associations safe during winter for their residents across the UK. GRITIT's reporting, experience, account management, high service levels, ease of management for court managers and scheme managers, care and attention, consistent local teams and fantastic levels of reporting are just some of the reasons housing associations look to GRITIT to solve their issues.

Many, if not all housing sites have vulnerable residents - i.e. elderly, special needs, disabilities etc. and GRITIT understands the level of care that is needed to support them in providing a safe winter environment for the residents in winter. We take care and go the extra mile to look after the residents. Ie noise and light pollution at night - we instruct our operatives to turn off the vehicle when gritting pedestrian areas to minimise vehicle idling noise which might upset the residents, and turn beacons off when travelling around the site to stop flashing lights coming through the residents windows. And of course, GRITIT is proud to provide local employment and training for the folks working on our housing association sites such as Housing&Care21 and Together Housing


Why use GRITIT?

“ ...GRITIT's mission is to ensure that your critical operations are never interrupted, that you continue to maximize the value of and revenue from your infrastructure, and that the state of your infrastructure never causes you any reputational damage or legal claims

Jason Petsch, CEO 


GRITIT gives you exactly the reporting you need

GRITIT makes your life easier giving you the reporting you need to retain visibility into what's going on

GRITIT helps you do your job better.

As a Housing Association Court Manager or Scheme Manager of a housing association, GRITIT understands that you feel incredible time pressure.

  • GRITIT reporting frees up your time;
  • Retain visibility of standards;

GRITIT's vast experience with housing associations

GRITIT's experience - gives us an edge over other providers: we know what you and the residents want

GRITIT understands what's important to housing association court managers, housing association scheme managers and housing association residents.

Team continuity for example, we know you like to know who you're working with and the residents do too.

Years of experience across dozens of housing associations means we know what you expect, and we'll deliver.

This is the benefit of working with a team who have done it before. Knowledge and experience.

GRITIT personal account management

GRITIT's people are accessible; we'll look after the residents for you and take care of that channel

As a housing association court manager or housing association scheme manager, you want to know that your provider is always available on the end of the phone to discuss things.

And as a housing association resident, having that personal relationship with the guys and gals who look after the place gives this extra edge of reassurance to residents, especially the infirm or elderly.

GRITIT prides itself on being accessible; meeting up as and when requested with housing association court managers, housing association scheme managers and housing association residents.

GRITIT, known for its highest level of service across the entire portfolio, 365/365

GRITIT incredibly high standards of service

We pride ourselves on doing a GREAT job, not what a job 'that'll do'.

Going the extra mile is standard with GRITIT; test us out and you'll see.

We're known for our high level of service across the entire portfolio, giving care and attention to priority areas and landscaped areas.

GRITIT makes court manager and scheme manager jobs easier!

Court managers and scheme managers: working with GRITIT is easy!

Court manager and scheme managers, we've got your back.

We know what you want when working with an outsourced team:

  • Advance notice
  • Evidence of delivery
  • Pro-active service to protect vulnerable tenants
  • Constant access by staff and regular visitors
  • Support team of account manager, help desk and operators

GRITIT's huge breadth of infrastructure services - winter and summer, 24/7, 365/365

GRITIT - the one stop shop for facility managers and site managers.

GRITIT started off as a company ploughing the snow away from a few sites in England.

But a decade later and we're much more. The same dependable team that knows your site will:

  • Grit the roads
  • Clear ice from paths and stairs
  • Cut your lawns and trim your hedges
  • Repair the potholes or tarmac on your roads
  • Mark lines on the tarmac where you need it
  • Clear up leaf fall in the autum
  • Maintain all your grounds so they look nice and presentable all year round

GRITIT case studies

Housing&Care21 Case Study  


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