Loading Bay Services

Loading Bay Services

A loading bay or loading dock is an area of a building where goods vehicles (usually road or rail) are loaded and unloaded. They are high risk high accident prone areas commonly found on commercial and industrial buildings, and warehouses in particular. Loading bays may be exterior, flush with the building envelope, or fully enclosed. They are part of a facility's service or utility infrastructure, typically providing direct access to staging areas, storage rooms, and freight elevators.

There can be very serious accidents on loading bays which GRITIT can help prevent. One example is wintertime trailer creep (also known as trailer walk, or dock walk), which occurs when the lateral and vertical forces exerted each time a forklift truck enters and exits the trailer cause the trailer to slowly move away from the dock, resulting in separation from the dock leveler.
Factors that affect trailer creep are the weight and speed of the lift truck and load, the condition of the ground, the gradient of the ground the trailer is parked on, the condition of the suspension, tire air pressures, the type of transition being used (dock levelers, dock boards), and whether the trailer has been disconnected or if it is still connected to the tractor. Trailer creep is often prevented by a vehicle restraint system. 
There are many ways to prevent an accident at a loading dock but a fundamental requirement is a lack of ice and snow, and by signing onto GRITIT's loading bay services you can make sure that these are never a problem. 

Why use GRITIT?


“ ...GRITIT's mission is to ensure that your critical operations are never interrupted, that you continue to maximize the value of and revenue from your infrastructure, and that the state of your infrastructure never causes you any reputational damage or legal claims

Jason Petsch, CEO 

Loading Bay Gritting

GRITIT's service area gritting services use specialist forecasting services and location specific models to automatically trigger service on our own control software. Close monitoring of road surface temperatures and gritting before the ice can form is a tried and tested solution for the highest levels of risk management. GRITIT has the largest dedicated private fleet of gritting vehicles in the UK, with trained and accredited local teams who know and understand your service area and the local road layout knowledge, climate and topography that makes your area unique. If your loading area is outside the warehouse prone to the elements, GRITIT offers you peace of mind.


Loading Bay De-Icing

Pro-active gritting means there will be far fewer times when a forecourt needs to be de-iced as the salt is spread before road temperatures reach zero degrees when water freezes. Additional call outs can quickly deal with any ice that has formed from escaped water or where later heavy precipitation has washed away the salt. Choose our winter maintenance plans as a continuous service or choose on-demand gritting - your call. All part of the GRITIT service. Loading areas do not tend to have their visual look as a priority, and brown gritting salt would be the recommended solution in this case.


Loading Bay Snow Clearance

GRITIT's pedestrian and mechanical clearance services ensure you have safe loading bays when you open for business and throughout the day. Or, 24/7 for critical loading bays in heavy use - just tell us what you require. GRITIT's commercial snow removal services are the largest in the UK.


Loading Bay Tarmac Repair

Yes, potholes are definitely on the up - the RAC recently reported a 31% increase in pothole-related faults attended by its patrols in the second quarter of 2017 compared to the same period last year. With a terrible winter in 2017/2018, your loading bay tarmac may have a scruffy corner that needs tending now rather than later. Thing is, they're only going to get worse, so patch tarmac today rather than face a large tarmac patching exercise later in the year and a much bigger bill. Be prepared for these by using a contractor such as GRITIT who has the correct equipment available for immediate use. 


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