Winter Services for NHS Hospitals, Surgeries & Walk-In Centres

“... Just to say that the clearing of the paths and roads around the site during the last two spells of weather has been excellent. I have had several comments from staff saying they were grateful to arrive on site where they knew the areas were clear having slipped all the way on uncleared council pavements and roads. So thank you ...”

Director of Estates and Facilities UK Regional Hospital

GRITIT's pioneering gritting, snow clearance and snow removal in partnership with NHS organisations maintains safe, efficient, sustainable and modern healthcare working environments, for staff and visitor alike. Our winter teams make sure that your areas are always gritted, clear from snow and above all, safe for visitors and open for business.



Why use GRITIT?

“ ...GRITIT's mission is to ensure that your critical operations are never interrupted, that you continue to maximize the value of and revenue from your infrastructure, and that the state of your infrastructure never causes you any reputational damage or legal claims

Jason Petsch, CEO

GRITIT keeps hospitals, surgeries & walkin centres operational 24/7, 365/365 

GRITIT makes keeping your operations at 100% our priority

Hospitals need to be operational 24/7, 365/365.

  • Emergency services cannot afford to close; it's life or death
  • Significant penalties can be imposed if certain areas of the site fail to remain operational
  • e.g., the helipad at QE hospital costs thousands in penalties per hour if it fails to open

GRITIT's local, dependable and consistent teams

GRITIT's keeps its teams consistent so you know who you're dealing with

GRITIT knows that you don't want to deal with a different person every week, so we keep our teams consistent.

This means our teams are sensitive to your site and know what needs to be done, constantly learning.

GRITIT compliance

Assured compliance with GRITIT 

GRITIT creates a safe environment for the stakeholders.

GRITIT meets the strict compliance requirements for your obligations. 

GRITIT: flexibility informed by years of experience. We've got your back

GRITIT's complete flexibility

GRITIT's key attributes which make it so useful to NHS services:

  • GRITIT is responsive
  • GRITIT resolves issues
  • GRITIT comes up with appropriate solutions

GRITIT - the single supplier for hospitals, surgeries & walkin centres covering winter AND summer jobs

GRITIT - gritting, snow clearance, potholes, grass cutting, hedge cutting, grounds maintenance - we can do it all for you!

it's much easier dealing with a single supplier than having separate people do your grittting, snow clearance, pothole repair and grounds maintenance.

GRITIT already has the local manpower and knowledge of your site. Why would you want the admin and hassle of dealing with all sorts of subcontractors when our trusted and dependable teams have the skills, the equipment, the training and the certifications you need?

GRITIT's great budget options for hospitals, surgeries & walkin centres 

Avoid compliance penalties with GRITIT data

GRITIT has the budget options to make managing your annual budget simpler. 

  • Annual contract to guarantee coverage without budget overspill
  • Per-job options for those extras that you're unsure about


GRITIT case studies

NHS Case Study  

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