Gritting and Winter Services for Property Managers

“... I would like to say that your staff who have provided invaluable support over the last few days battling weather and lack of travel network are a credit to your extended team. They obviously know their customer and their needs and have gone over and above ...”

Regional Operations Manager, National FM Services Company

As a property manager, your property portfolio probably spans the length and breadth of the nation. Having the GRITIT team at your beck and call as the winter gritting and snow clearance supplier for the entire portfolio with national coverage means all your projects run on time and are delivered properly. 

On top of that, your projects get delivered with the minimum amount of company admin and subcontractor uncertainty. GRITIT offers you that certainty you need to make a success of your tasks. Fully managed and planned, we offer a high level of reliability, everything from business park arrangements to industrial parks that rely on your, and in turn our, services. 

From highly sensitive or classified installations to smaller properties and portfolios, GRITIT has the breadth of services you need. Give the property team a call on 0800 0432 911 to see if we're right for you.


Why use GRITIT?

“ ...GRITIT's mission is to ensure that your critical operations are never interrupted, that you continue to maximize the value of and revenue from your infrastructure, and that the state of your infrastructure never causes you any reputational damage or legal claims

Jason Petsch, CEO 


GRITIT's 24/7, 365/365 national coverage

Managing multiple properties is a 24/7 job. so having a 24/7 national contractor for your entire portfolio at your disposal makes your job easier.

GRITIT - national coverage 24/7, 365/365
  • Local teams with specialized local knowledge;
  • Nationally managed for you - one throat to choke;
  • One person to go through;
  • Deal with your entire portfolio on your behalf;
  • Reporting for your entire portfolio;
  • Superb communications to keep you in the loop

The choice is to use multiple contractors or to hive off specific areas of work to a specialist provider such as GRITIT, and have us do the hard work on your behalf.


GRITIT KPI certainty

GRITIT - meet your KPIs with ease

In order to make your KPIs, GRITIT delivers:

  • Services that are fully managed for you
  • GRITIT does the planning for you
  • GRITIT's high level of consistent quality
  • GRITIT's high level of reliability

And, by using GRITIT for your gritting and grounds maintenance requirements, you know that you'll be using the same reliable teams for both.


GRITIT's personalised account management

Personalised account management 

Communication is the key to keeping you informed. We're proud of our tech, which includes the mobile app that property managers love. And our managers and directors are communicators who will present you with what you need to know.

The GRITIT technology stack even includes such things as our GRITIT IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, which enable automation of even more activities including failure reporting.


GRITIT KPI reporting

Avoid compliance penalties with GRITIT data

Having your FM information stored electronically, i.e. cloud-based, will help to automatically answer frequent questions, to set up what has to be done first and to organize time. And as we all know: saving time is saving money. GRITIT records all the data you need to answer the most challenging of those questions easily and quickly, with a full audit trail: hit your targets and present the evidence thanks to GRITIT.


GRITIT infrastructure services - more than gritting!

GRITIT - all the infrastructure services you need from the team that already delivers

GRITIT has its roots as a snow plouging company for your infrastructure, but our services now cover so much more. The same team that already takes care of your site in the winter will also

GRITIT commercial certainty

Commercial certainty with GRITIT

GRITIT offers you a fixed price for services that doesn't change. 

This means managing your budgets becomes perfectly doable, and gives you the commercial certainty that's lacking from other providers.


Consequence of failure

Avoid compliance penalties with GRITIT data

Look back on your records for the brutal winter of 2017 and you might notice the consequence of failure. Expensive and embarrassing, the loss of reputation alone doesn't bear thinking of.

Give GRITIT a call on 0800 0432 911 to speak to one of our experts and avoid drama before it happens to you!


Specific site requirements

Avoid compliance penalties with GRITIT data

At GRITIT, we have all sorts of sites in our portfolio, and as far as we're concerned, every site is unique.

We cover sites with very stringent requirements, from classified to sensitive, and we'll work with you to preserve and enhance the value of your site.


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