Gritting, Snow Removal & Snow Clearance Services for Retail

“... It is absolutely vital to have an immediate response to bad weather. I can rest assured that GRITIT are on to it immediately

Operations Manager,
Large Shopping Park

The approach of winter means many things to many people. As an individual you may be eager for those holiday family gatherings, snowy days and cozy sweaters, but as a retail business owner or retail park manager it is absolutely crucial to prepare your retail business for the wintry weather.

Whether you have a large fleet of vehicles, a pedestrian or car park space that needs to be pristine at all times or a workforce that might be affected by ice and snow, advance preparation can mean the difference between lost profits or staying the course.

Some of your retail winter issues that
GRITIT solves includes the winter weather challenges that keep retail managers awake at night:

  • What would it cost if we close?
  • Need to keep retail car parks open and safe 24/7
  • Need to make area safe before visitors arrive
  • Range of areas and surfaces (ie loading, pedestrian, cars) that all must have the appropriate treatment
  • Key trading period of Christmas and New Year is also the period with severe weather challenges
  • Importance of keeping service and service area open so that stock can come in for the Christmas rush

Our advice? Make sure that you're prepared for snow and ice removal before the event - get a plan together and get on it beforehand. Don’t wait until the weather forecasters predict snow or ice and to be sure that you have resources lined up in place perform snow removal. Your employees and customers who visit need to be able to walk safely inside without a slip or fall on the ice and snow, and you want to be sure that even the interior floors are kept dry so that nobody slips coming in. That means having a contractor on call with the necessary equipment who can clear your car park or pavement and entryway before business opens for the day and before your first employees arrive. If you have 24-hour staff on-site, make doubly sure that your plan ensures consistent snow removal throughout the day and night!

Of course, GRITIT can do all these jobs for you. Talk to us...

GRITIT always keeps you open


As the quote from the CEO states above, our mission is to ensure that your critical operations are never interrupted, and for a retail park there's nothing more important than staying open every day of the year. Retail closure for snow or ice means lost business to the tune of thousands of pounds every minute, and we can't have that, can we?

Ask yourself, during 2017/2018s 'Beast from the East', did you miss your KPIs and lose business due to substandard gritting and de-icing services? If so, 

GRITIT - we'll keep you open. That's standard.
  • GRITIT's success rate for delivering its 500,000+ winter jobs is unparalleled in the industry
  • Our tech lead gives you reports on the jobs completed;
  • We have the national service with locally informed operatives to know each area's unique challenges;
  • Massive fleet with leading edge equipment suitable for presentation areas (ie nimble 4x4s that can navigate car parks easily and accurately;
  • 10 year track record with leading retail parks and national chains;
  • One dedicated project manager contact, easy to deal with just the one and no question of shifting responsibility

The choice is of course to do your winter services yourself in-house, or to hive off specific areas of work to a specialist outsourced provider such as GRITIT, and let us do the legwork for you. 


GRITIT - safety first of course, but indemnity helps


GRITIT - covering you and your health and safety requirements

GRITIT's absolute reliability keeps all your external areas safe 365/365, and well before staff, pedestrians and shoppers arrive. We get that the time window is crucially important, we've done this for years throughout the country, from Land's End to John O'Groats.

Of course, safety has another aspect, which is being sued by people for improper pedestrian access etc leading to slippages and falls. GRITIT's got your back on that one too - we indemnify our clients against claims, taking the pressure off you.


GRITIT's huge fleet of gritting and snow clearance apparatus


GRITIT - the widest range of specialist tools for the job... and locally available

Obviously areas intended for pedestrians require different treatment to areas intended for delivery loading. Also, you can't do super accurate gritting in a car park with a massive gritting lorry, nor are our nimble 4x4s necessarily the most suitable tool for access road gritting. Beyond that, brown salt isn't really appropriate for metal stairs, and you don't want de-icing chemicals getting into your landscaping areas either! That's why GRITIT invests heavily into the right tools for the job, the knowledge to do the job properly and the locals who know the local topography.


GRITIT has no extra fees for the busy retail period

GRITIT retail site services - not just winter!




GRITIT - all the retail park services you need from the team that already delivers

GRITIT has its roots as a snow ploughing company for your infrastructure, but our services now cover so much more. The same team that already takes care of your site in the winter will also


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