Winter Gritting, Snow Clearance & Snow Removal Services for Education: Schools, Colleges & Universities

“...I cannot thank you enough for helping sculpture our landscape. Everyone can take pride in helping create such a lovely learning environment. ...”

Head Teacher, School

GRITIT DBS checks all its staff, regular or enhanced depending on the school's particular requirement. Just as the CRB used to do, the DBS conducts background and criminal record checks on behalf of employers across England and Wales. Once presented with a certificate that reveals if the applicant has a criminal record, we then make better informed hiring decisions. This is particularly important when hiring people to work with children and vulnerable adults.

For schools,
GRITIT offers you a team that can be as flexible as you need - ie working outside the hours when pupils, parents and teachers are onsite. On top of that, our superb technology allows you to receive the notifications of when we've been and when we're done - all to your email, PDA or mobile device.

Why use GRITIT?

“ ...GRITIT's mission is to ensure that your critical operations are never interrupted, that you continue to maximize the value of and revenue from your infrastructure, and that the state of your infrastructure never causes you any reputational damage or legal claims

Jason Petsch, CEO 

GRITIT is fanatically security aware about school security

For success, they have to accurately deal with budget constraints and strictly control expenses. How?

GRITIT's team is all DBS checked and certified
  • All our onsite staff are always DBS checked
  • We're careful to make sure that we train and certify all our team to the standards expected in your establishment

The choice is to do jobs like gritting, snow clearance, grounds and tarmac repair to a breadth of unqualified and uncertified third partyies or to go with the accredited GRITIT team and let us do the legwork for you.

GRITIT complies 100% with health and safety

GRITIT's training and awareness courses keep all our team informed of health and safety requirements. We're grown up and sensible too.

Children and young adults can be less than careful when it comes to health and safety.

We know this, and as parents ourselves we go the extra mile to make sure that there are no hidden threats or dangers.

All our teams have regularly scheduled health and safety training and awareness courses.

GRITIT schedules and completes jobs for schools before you even open

Give GRITIT's teams a trial - we'll be there and done before you even open

At educational establishments such as schools, colleges & universities, you don't always want contractors around during the working hourse.

GRITIT is completely flexible, and we'll work together with your account manager to make sure that we're there when you want us to be, and only when you want us to be. All part of GRITIT's understanding that schools have a different requirement - borne of experience with across the nation's schools, colleges & universities.

GRITIT - making your life easy by having one contact for everything you need

GRITIT's great account management

We make it easy - just the one local director to deal with rather than onion layers of endless people responsible for different things, passing the buck back and forth. None of that with us.

GRITIT already has the local manpower and knowledge of your school, nursery, college or university. Why would you want the admin and hassle of dealing with all sorts of subcontractors when our trusted and dependable teams have the skills, the equipment, the training and the certifications you need? GRITIT's localised and personal account management is one of the factors that all our customers across all our sites and different industries love about us, a great strength of ours.

GRITIT's huge breadth of services for schools, colleges, nurseries and universities - winter and summer, 24/7, 365/365

GRITIT - the one stop shop for all your infrastructure maintenance needs

GRITIT started off as a company ploughing the snow away from a few sites in England. But a decade later and we're much more. The same dependable team that knows your site will:

  • Mobile gritting services - Grit the roads and clear ice from paths and stairs
  • Cut your lawns and trim your hedges
  • Repair the potholes or tarmac on your roads, and mark lines on tarmac where you need it
  • Clear up leaf fall in the autumn and do the weedkilling for you
  • Maintain all your grounds so they look nice and presentable all year round
  • Help you make the most of the grounds that you have in a sustainable, sympathetic way that helps the children learn and appreciate nature
  • Maintain your grounds, footpaths, parking area and other areas used by pedestrians so that they're 100% safe


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Roundhay Case Study  

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