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Commercial Grounds Maintenance Specification


There are different ways to develop a service specification with the approach often dictated by the authors technical knowledge and understanding of the service required.

Input specifications are most commonly used for grounds maintenance and are usually created using a schedule of tasks, a set number of visits and fixed methodologies dictating what, when and how service is delivered so that the desired outcomes are achieved.

Another approach is based on output specification focussing on specifying the standard to be achieved and not resource or method required to deliver it.


Input v Output Specification? 


Whether you’re reviewing a long standing contract or change it regularly, recycling and updating the same set of requirements and methodology means you could be missing out on an approach that can build in more value and control.


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Grounds Maintenance Planning Seasonal GRITIT.png

Grounds Maintenance Seasonal Planning


While you don’t necessarily need to become an expert horticulturalist, it is advisable to have some appreciation of the basics and an understanding of what is happening within the grounds at each phase of the year.



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