Hard Standing Weed Clearing

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Cracks in hard standings, between paving and less worn areas at the edges of car parks, paths and drives are usually colonized remarkably quickly by unwanted vegetative growth and weeds. This can make the hard standing area unslightly, uneven or slippery when wet. Other primitive growths such as moss and algae can also build up in hard standings. GRITIT controls these through proactive weeding and maintenance.


bark-mulchIt is always quite remarkable just where weeds and moss manage to find a foothold on life! Darwin coined the term ‘survival of the fittest’, and whilst he may not quite have had your hard standing car park in mind, hard standings such as gravel or block-paved driveways, paths, patios and tennis courts seem to amazingly and happily produce lots of weeds – especially during the spring and summer as the temperatures increase. GRITIT ensures that your car park stays weed free as the state of your car park is important for making the best first impression possible to your clients. A weed free hard standing car park area is tidy, clear and safe for both drivers and pedestrians.


GRITIT Grounds Services

GRITIT grounds services cover your facility throughout the year. The same team takes care of your site in the winter and summer, and will also

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