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Hard Standings Services

Hard Standing Services

A hard standing is any surface on which vehicles, such as bikes, cars, trucks or lorries may be parked; usually this means car parks in our business but it can also mean non car park designated spaces that nevertheless have a hard surface suitable for parking. Such areas need looking after throughout the year, and GRITIT operates the following services to look after your car parks.

Litter Clearing

When GRITIT looks after your hard standing area, litter and debris will be collected/swept after every visit ensuring the site is free of all windblown material. If your car park is regularly defaced by litter and refuse then our hard standing litter service will make it look neat and tidy throughout the year.

Weed Control

Cracks in hard standings, between paving and less worn areas at the edges of car parks, paths and drives are usually colonized remarkably quickly by unwanted vegetative growth and weeds. This can make the hard standing area unslightly, uneven or slippery when wet. Other primitive growths such as moss and algae can also build up in hard standings. GRITIT controls these through proactive hard standing weeding and maintenance.

Leaf Clearing
Leaves will be collected and removed from hard standings as standard during the Autumn fall, with leaf clearing collections in October, November and December. At GRITIT we also offer a number of other autumn services to enhance the look of your hard standings and grounds. Even though hard standings leaf clearing is a big part of your autumn clean up, there is more to do then just that. GRITIT's autumn services for your hard standing and grounds can also include everything from maintaining the beds to cutting the lawns.


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