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Lifecycle Asset Management 


Our landscapes are living assets that are continually developing. 

Lifecycle-asset-management aims to maximise life expectancy and provide sustainable ecological and environmental landscape solutions for all green assets and external infrastructure.

This includes trees, lawns, hedges, shrubs, ponds, beds and borders as well as hard standings such as roads, footpaths, boundary walls and fences.


Green Audits & Surveys 


Data collected is used by our local service teams and regional landscape managers who develop intelligent maintenance regimes that maximise the potential of your green assets and infrastructure.

We carry out additional green surveys and site inspections at key milestones throughout the contract period and provide detailed recommendations for improvements that, for example, can reduce maintenance costs by focussing on more natural vegetation types with less intensive management regimes.


Where to start...


Our green surveys are used in more detailed Landscape Maintenance and management plans, particularly when we are managing longer term contracts or larger sites and portfolios.

Detailed plans identify ongoing resource and budgetary requirements and are key to the successful, and progressive, long term management of green assets which are now becoming widely recognised as hugely valuable.


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Custom Specification


Get a custom specification, for all of your outdoor maintenance which is designed around your needs.











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