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Low branches are constantly monitored, pruned and lopped to ensure that safe and clear pedestrian and vehicular routes are maintained as part of GRITIT's standard tree works. GRITIT ensures that you comply with the Highways Act 1980 Section 154 in removal of all low branches. Low branches are removed to ensure a clearance of 2.4m over paths, 5m over roads, 1m from all street lighting, traffic signs, traffic lights, street name plates and 2m from windows or adjacent premises.  

At GRITIT all our tree operations are carried out in accordance with British Standard BS3998: 2010 for Tree Works and all our team members are trained and qualified to the appropriate standard. Low branch pruning works are properly planned to reduce risk to people and property, while prolonging the tree’s safe life. We'll inform you as to the safety requirement for the work to be carried out. Work specifications will include an unambiguous identification of the tree/s on a site plan and by tagging the tree on site. 

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