Infrared Pothole & Tarmac Repair Technology


Potholes, the associated costs and liability are an increasing problem for UK Businesses. We have a different approach to this age old problem of recurring damage by providing guaranteed long-lasting repairs, extending the life of your roads and pathways and delaying expensive capital and replacement costs.

Innovative pothole repair solutions, significantly longer lasting method of repairing and extending the useful life of your road surfaces and delaying expensive and unnecessary resurfacing costs.


Guaranteed Pothole Repairs


Our guaranteed repairs combine the latest infrared technology with tried and tested processes to offer the best possible infrared pothole repair solution available on the market today.

We have all the accreditations and insurances necessary to ensure that you benefit from first class repairs, backed by guaranteed workmanship.

Our compact mobile units provide cost effective solutions that remove the need for ongoing and unnecessary repairs - while maintaining minimal disruption as repaired areas are quickly returned to use.


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