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We are not Generalists

...neither is our forecasting.


Gritting is a preventative measure and to be effective, salt needs to be applied before temperatures drop to keep sites ice-free and operating as normal.

Snow Clearance, on the other hand needs to be carried out in response to a snow fall, or as close to the end of the snow fall as possible, taking into account the operational requirements of individual sites.


Local Forecasts, Local Service 


Predicting UK winter weather doesn't have be a gamble each winter. Effective winter services are heavily reliant on forecast accuracy to be able to be at the right place at the right time to make sure that the snowy weather is predicted.

GRITIT use the latest in available forecasting technology in conjunction with our own bespoke tech-platform NIMBUS to deliver an exceptional award winning service that has been tried and tested in the toughest of winter conditions.


Winter Forecasting Technology 


Our current forecast model provides forecasts in weather domains (areas) for over 450 individual weather locations and has been tailored specifically to give a clear indication of risk throughout the country taking into account location, urbanization, elevation and the constant push and pull of relevant frontal and weather systems surrounding the UK.

Additional Information


Our  models are an essential combination of real-time and historical weather observations including SYNOP METAR, KLIM, Sea Buoy, Weather Reporting Vessels, Weather Reporting Offshore Installations, Power Stations, Wind Farms as well as road weather information systems.

Daily forecasts are derived from worldwide weather observations from approximately 12,000 different locations including around 500 roadside weather stations in the UK.

Accuracy of forecast is key to our operation, this ensures our clients can be confident that service will always be provided at the right time, when it is required most.



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