Winter Maintenance and Winter Services 


Winter Maintenance planning is an essential element of any successful Winter gritting and or Snow Clearance plan! 

Recent research shows that UK Companies are not thinking differently or looking at alternative solutions when it comes to effective winter planning.

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Winter Maintenance

and Winter Services



Because every organisation is different we consult with you to give you the right solution for your needs.

We are capable of putting together a host of problem-solving solutions to enable you to carry on with your day-job and primary business. 


How well are you prepared for the cold weather? 


A winter risk management plan is an integral part of an organisation’s health and safety policy and should include: 

  • A clear process with allocated overall responsibility for overseeing the plan and specific tasks assigned to individuals
  • Detailed site specifications with identified hazardous areas and bespoke clearance and gritting instructions for each site including risk assessments and method statements
  • Continuous monitoring of the plan and performance measurement against defined key performance indicators. The overall plan should be formally reviewed at the start and end of the winter season – October and April
  • Plans to regularly maintain winter vehicles and equipment
  • The procurement and maintenance of adequate supplies of clearance equipment, salt and grit bins to last through a harsh winter
  • Procedures to communicate to all staff the safe operating procedures






Winter Maintenance Planning


Research carried out by the BIFM and winter gritting company  GRITIT, revealed that more than 30 per cent fail to plan for the winter period, and of those that do plan ahead, 85 per cent are not planning to do anything differently than in 2012, when UK Plc clocked up a £318 million bill as a result of business closures due to snow.


In association with the BIFM, GRITIT have produced a number of Winter Maintenance Good Practice Guides, which help as a checklist in creating and implementing a successful and safe winter maintenance strategy. 


The guide provides information to facilities professionals on how to prepare for adverse weather and how robust winter maintenance plans can contribute to strategic objectives.


Click here to download a free copy of the guide... 


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