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Wild Meadow Project 


Rich wildflower meadows are certainly not new a concept but are becoming increasingly popular in urban environments as we learn more and more about the positive effects that coming into contact with the natural world has on our health and wellbeing. 

This is especially important in our towns and cities where urbanisation and the built environment is increasing rapidly, limiting our access to good quality natural spaces.




In addition, urban wildflower meadows provide an invaluable refuge and habitat for a range of wildlife including pollinating insects, birds and mammals.

To ensure Urban meadows are embraced by the public they often need to be high impact and have a longer flowering period compared with that of traditional native meadows found in a more rural location.

We achieve this by using speciality formulated seed mixes that, dependant on requirements, are made up of annual or perennial plants or a mixture of both.

We can help you identify suitable areas on your site to plant your urban wildflower meadow and we’ll help you select a seed mix that is appropriate, taking into consideration soil type as well as the wider site context.


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Find out how you can improve health and well being with biodiversity and get us to plant and maintain a wildflower meadow.


















 "The after service has been all that we could have hoped for. Almost a year later and the gardens are still full of colour, the wildflower section is a living Monet painting..."





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